Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise

Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise Adventures and Activities

If there is one thing about the Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise, it is the fact that it will bring you all the peace and calm that you ever wanted. This non-motorized dhow cruise is preserved in its function and appearance as it was centuries ago. You can indulge in the luxuries it offers and explore the absolute beauty Khasab has to offer. Khasab is known as the Norway of Arabia for a reason, and we invite you to find that reason out for yourself. Khasab Musandam Tours offers specialized dhow cruise tours that provide you with all the calm and warmth you ever wanted. You can enjoy Arabian food as much as you want and also take a dip in the warm waters when required. Hop aboard to go on a tour of a lifetime and spend some time with the whales and dolphins in these calm waters, as our whale watching tours will bring you just that.

You can also choose your duration of stay with us, letting us amaze you to your fullest extent. Take a dive in these calm waters or camp on a calm sandy beach; it is all there for you.

Full-Day Dhow Cruise or Overnight Stay

If you are looking for day trip or overnight tour with trip we provides both options to our guests. You can now choose to stay with us for a full day 6 hours, where we take you to all the important tourist sites in the region. We also provide options for an Musandam overnight dhow cruise in this beautiful part of the world. You can choose to sleep on deck on some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful surrounding in the world. At Best Musandam Tour, our tailored packages are available for anyone and everyone. You can choose packages that are perfect for your preferences and enjoy dhow cruise just the way you want. Our packages are tailored for a public tour with lots of new people to meet or personal ones like honeymoon packages, group getaways or work based tour packages as well. Our luxurious dhow cruises are available for everyone at affordable prices. Now you can roam freely around Khasab exploring this beautiful part of the world just the way it deserves.

Fisherman Villages Sightseeing’s during the trip

Nadifi is the first village that you see in the fjord on board our Musandam Dhow Cruise and has a population of around 120–150 people. With most of the villagers being fishermen, there is no direct land access to the area. The preserved and untouched sights the village is able to provide are exquisite and warm you up for everything to come nicely.

Qanaha, an even smaller village with a population of around 50, only has typical old-school stone houses. Somewhat different types of fishing boats, termed “batil,” are always at the seaside, and we take you all around the place.

What to Expect from a Dhow Cruise in Khasab, Musandam

The whole Musandam peninsula is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. With the Best Musandam Tour, not only will you get the full views of the region, but you will also be able to enjoy our customized packages at affordable prices. Our dhow cruise options for a full day or overnight stay in Khasab, Musandam, include:

  • Beautiful sightseeing tours for the whole Khasab and Musandam region
  • Peaceful dhow cruise, overnight stay, or full-day journey
  • Swimming, snorkeling, or diving opportunities are available at designated sites.
  • Tours to popular sites, including Telegraph Island and Seebi Island
  • The breathtaking dolphin-watching sessions
  • The best Arabian foods offered include Omani Tea, Arabian BBQ, or any other favorite recipes.
  • Now you can enjoy all that Khasab Musandam has to offer with our Musandam dhow cruise deals.

Fishing and BBQ on the Musandam Dhow Cruise

Once you choose to go on a boat in Khasab or any other part of Musandam, you will also have the option of live fishing and BBQ. Live fishing is perfect for fishing enthusiasts, as the waters are very clear and calm all year. With the beautiful dhow cruise, you can opt for a fishing tour as well to nearby Telegraph or Seebi Islands.

There are many fishing-friendly islands in the region that will make you want to stay longer and come back as soon as you leave. So many different species, sizes, and types of fish swim in these clear, turquoise waters. You can even go night fishing with all the gear provided by expert Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise service providers.


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