Khasab Musandam Fishing Tour

Are you a fishing, swimming and snorkeling enthusiast? Best Musandam Tour offers some of the best fishing, swimming and snorkeling great on site with our tour packages. It is optional, you will have to tell us before you hop on one of our speedboats or dhow cruises. However, you will not have to wish that you brought you favorite fishing equipment’s or snorkeling gears with you. Everything is provided such as refreshments and food upon request on tour to make your tour worthwhile at all times. We have fishing lines and baits on the boats, if you want fishing kindly bring your own.

Timing: 4 to 6 hours. Starting time flexible. Private tour.

Fishing Tour with Best Musandam Tour

If you are lucky, you can also catch a dolphin watching site travelling with us in these clear warm waters of the sea. For people who might not have too much time to spend on their warm Musandam Holiday getaway, a one day fishing tour from Best Musandam Tour is the best option. Our one-day fishing trip has been organized so that you can take advantage of all the active fishing periods when there are lots of fish in the seas.

Call us now and book your favorite Musandam fishing tour now. You will be so thoroughly satisfied that you will want to come back as soon as you leave us.

Musandam Oman Fishing Trip Inclusions

  • Water, Soft drinks, Apple, Oranges, Banana, Coffee and Tea.
  • Delicious lunch on your request have fried chicken, rice, hammus, salad, khubuz, vegetable and daal.
  • Fishing gears, snorkeling equipment and life jackets.
  • Shower facility to rinse the salty water if you on traditional dhow.
  • Towels on the boat.
  • Sitting area on speedboat and dhow is decorated with carpets and cushions.

Tourist across the world

Tourist from all over the world can visit Khasab Musandam if they are eligible for on arrival visa for Oman and UAE.

Visa requirments

Keep your original passports minimum 3 months valid while traveling to Oman. Visa you can obtain at the border or apply online at Oman e-visa website.

UAE Residents

UAE residents must have 3 months valid UAE residents visa and 3 months valid passport. Kindly let us know your visa status before traveling and follow our Musandam visa guide page.

Sponsored visa

If you are on sponsored (dependent) visa then your sponsor must be traveling along.

Rental Car

Kindly take NOC (No Object Certificate) from your rental agency to travel Khasab Oman. Border authority not allow you to get in Oman without NOC letter from rental agency.

Personal car

You can travel with your personal car. Your car must have valid registration (mulkya) along with your driving license. You can not travel with family member, company or friends car without NOC letter from court.

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