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Camping Vs Hotel Stay – Which Suits Best in Khasab Musandam

Khasab is a beautiful place in the Musandam Peninsula. It is located in Omani territory and presents on of the most popular tourist spots in the UAE. Having some of the most beautiful natural fjords and beaches, Khasab is a true paradise on earth. The clear green waters with the all year warm climate offers one of the best holiday destinations for people from around the world.

If you are wondering whether a camping Khasab tour suits you best or a hotel stay is perfect for you, read through our article to find how they both stack up. Let’s see which one suits you best:

Why Musandam Camping Suits You Best?

Camping is a great activity brining people close to nature. The idea of sleeping under the open sky is a great one for many people. To keep you safe, there is a camp provided in shape of a high quality tent. Nights in Khasab are pretty cool and smooth, you will have a great time in the mild very pleasurable temperatures. When you choose a good camping site in the Khasab Beach, you will be not too far from the main city with very close reach to the warm smooth waters. Camping at the Khasab Musandam beach offers many great advantages, some of which are:

  • A natural warm, soft and sandy floor with sleeping bags and tent floor
  • Very close camping sites to the smooth warm waters available at all times
  • Opportunity to cool off in the mild warm waters anytime you need
  • Close to nature camping is always good for soul cleansing
  • You can take the boat out anytime and catch live fish for best BBQ experience
  • Anytime available sea diving, swimming and snorkeling opportunities
  • Shared bathroom available at close range for everyone in the camping vicinity

For people who like a camping holiday, Khasab offers a perfect getaway. There are only a few more or equally suitable conditions for camping around the world. When you choose camping, you will definitely have a great time.

Why Staying in a Luxurious Hotel Is Best?

Different people have different preferences. Not everyone is a camping and nature lover and some of us always prefer all the luxuries of a nice 5 star hotel. Fortunately, Khasab offers some of the most luxurious hotels for tourists as well. There are some great hotels to be looked at for people who value luxury over other feature in a holiday. Some of these hotels are only 3-5 minutes’ walk away from the Khasab beach and offer everything you expect from them. Some advantages of staying in a high quality Khasab Hotel are:

  • Luxurious services including bathrooms, air conditioning, foods, serving, room service etc.
  • Optional access to outdoor pools with clean water at all times
  • Always connected with your social media feeds with free Wi-Fi and other communications
  • Close proximity with the Khasab Beach and all other tourist locations
  • Safety and security for all your belongings under hotel systems
  • Maintained indoor climate for people who might find the outside to be too warm in summer

Best hotels in Khasab are filled with services and features for everyone. There isn’t much missed at all and you will have a time of your life once you are here.

Which You Should Choose in Musandam?

At the end of it all, it will come down to personal preference. Some people will always find camping to be more adventurous and a nice change from their comfortable routine lifestyles. There will be others who will want to visit Khasab but enjoy it from the comforts of their hotel rooms. The choice gets down to personal preferences.

If you wish to get close to nature and feel the real pleasure Khasab has to offer, a camping tour will suit you best. If you don’t want to give up on your usual luxurious lifestyles and still want close access to the region’s beautiful beaches and other tourist sites, a hotel stay is available as well. Whichever you need to choose, Best Musandam Tour will provide you all options with our modified tour packages in Khasab, Musandam.

Call us now to book your dream holiday package in Khasab and have a time that you will remember for a long time.

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