Khasab Musandam Mountain Safari

A Khasab Musandam mountain safari to Khor Najd and Jebel Al Harim is an amazing trip in which you may discover the wonders of Musandam’s highest Hajar mountain. This trip allows you to visit the Bedouin village of Sayh. Jebel Harim is also known as the “Women’s Mountain.” You are welcome to join us on an adventurous off-road drive to Jebel Harim. This mountain is the highest point in the Musandam Peninsula and stands 2087 meters above sea level. You have excellent photographic opportunities and can explore the highest peak of the Hajar Mountains. You can find fossils that date back thousands of years.

Duration 3.5 to 4 hours.

A mountain safari at Jebel Al Harim may necessitate a guided tour or the assistance of skilled local drivers who are familiar with the terrain. They may ensure your safety and enrich your experience by providing insights on the region’s natural and cultural characteristics.

Jebel Harim Tour Highlights

  • On the way Khasab city view
  • Visit Khor Najd & Photography
  • Bait Ul Qufal Visit
  • On the way visit to some villages
  • Jebel Al Harim Visit
  • Exploring fossils at Jebel Al Harim

Mountain Safari Inclusions

  • Bottled water
  • Some juices
  • Professional English speaking guide/driver
  • Luxury 4*4 mountain vehicle

What to Expect from 4×4 Mountain Safari Adventure

Below are the things that you expect from this adventures journey to the peak of Musandam mountains.

Beautiful Scenic Views

A classic mountain safari includes a lovely drive via winding mountain roads that provide stunning views of the rugged terrain and valleys below. Khasab Musandam Mountain Safari Trip allows you to observe the region’s geological treasures and the incredible splendor of the mountains.

Wildlife Spotting

Mountain goats and a variety of bird species can be seen in Jebel Al Harim. Some of these animals may be spotted in their natural habitat during the mountain safari.

Geological Formations

The Jebel Al Harim mountain safari allows you to explore amazing geological formations. You may come across ancient fossils, unusual rock formations, and limestone cliffs that demonstrate the region’s geological history.

Cultural Sites

You may have the opportunity to see cultural sites and historical landmarks in the region along the journey. This could be ancient rock carvings, abandoned villages, or traditional communities that reveal local history and heritage.

Khor Najd

On this road trip, you will be able to see the wonderful scenery of Khor Najd. It is a popular location for mountain tours and outdoor lovers looking to enjoy Musandam’s natural splendor. It is a popular stop for mountain lovers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to see Musandam’s natural splendor. With its stunning cliffs, turquoise ocean, and peaceful environment, this location is renowned for providing excellent photographic opportunities.

Mountain Peaks Jebel Harim Visited

Jebel Al Harim, which translates as “Mountain of Women,” is Musandam’s highest point, reaching roughly 2,087 meters (6,847 feet). The mountain is famous for its breathtaking rock formations, cliffs, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This place is also home to a diverse range of plant and animal species.

Photography chances

The breathtaking magnificence and distinctive scenery of Jebel Al Harim provide fantastic photographic chances. Capture the rocky mountains, deep valleys, and panoramic panoramas of your mountain safari to create lasting memories.

Tourist across the world

Tourist from all over the world can visit Khasab Musandam if they are eligible for on arrival visa for Oman and UAE.

Visa requirments

Keep your original passports minimum 3 months valid while traveling to Oman. Visa you can obtain at the border or apply online at Oman evisa website. For more details our Dubai to Khasab Musandam page.

UAE Residents

Keep your original passports minimum 3 months valid while traveling to Oman. You can take visa on arrival at the border or online at evisa website.

Sponsored Visa

If you are on sponsored (dependent) visa then your sponsor must be traveling along.

Rental Car

Kindly take NOC (No Object Certificate) from your rental agency to travel Khasab Oman. Border authority not allow you to get in Oman without NOC letter from rental agency.

Personal car

You can travel with your personal car. Your car must have valid registration (mulkya) along with your driving license. You can not travel with family member, company or friends car without NOC letter from court. if you don’t have Oman car insurance, you can buy it from the border for 100 AED.

Cancellation Policy:

  • There will be no charges for cancellations notified 7 days prior to the tour departure date.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of your tour’s departure time, there is no refund for your booking.
  • All cancellations made within 24 hours of your tour departure time will be charged a 50% fee.
  • There will be no reimbursement if you do not show up for the trip for any reason.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel the trip due to weather, unforeseen circumstances, or government orders, and will reimburse the deposit amount.

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