Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise

What to Do On Your Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise

Are you someone who appreciates adventures in natural places of the earth? Dibba in the Musandam peninsula will be the perfect place for you. Filled with many natural wonders of this world, Dibba is truly a tourist’s dream when it comes to explorations and close to nature activities. Dibba is a place located in the Musandam Peninsula and can bring all that a typical tourist from any part of the world may need. Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise that is available from the heart of Musandam and travels all the way down to Dibba is a perfectly modified boat fulfilling people’s desires authentically.

The Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise is a correct mix of centuries old tradition and advanced modern luxuries. With this large sized traditional Arab style boat, you get comfortable beddings and linens that satisfy any preferences. Some Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise routes and packages are designed in a way that they travel through many pristine locations in these beautiful and clear waters. When you choose just the right tour packages to suit your preferences, you will have a time of your life.

Here are some activities that will never fail to make you feel great while on your Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise tour:

Enjoy the luxuries of the Dhow Cruise

The very first thing you will want to do is enjoy all the luxuries of the Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise once you are onboard. The large boat will have some of the most beautiful and luxurious bedding taken from the Arab tradition. The soft cushions and smooth ride of the cruise will make you feel spoiled a great deal. You will be able to soak up all the sun and get as close to nature as you want.

Whether you are into special Arabian foods or the typical traditional Omani tea, you will get it all. Some Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise tours serve all the best foods the region has to offer. You will feel indulged in some of the best luxuries while onboard.

Have fun in the clear, calm waters

For all the people who love to be in the water, the clear and calm waters of the Arabian Sea on the Musandam Peninsula are best. These are warm and pleasing waters that are turquoise in color. Whether you want your fishing trips, swimming, snorkeling, or diving tours in these waters, you will have options for all.

You will need to book your tour package exactly as you prefer. Different packages have different routes and locations they go through. Telegraph Island and Seebi Island are famous for their fishing and diving activities, for example. Make sure to be well informed and choose Musandam Dibba Tour plans that suit your personal preferences to get the most out of them.

See all Dibba and Musandam have to offer

Dibba is one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East. With naturally formed, clear waterways and close-by mountains, you will get landscapes in the sun like no other. The sun is always shining brightly on these beautiful wonders of the world. You will be able to go on mountain hiking trips or land yourself on beaches with white, warm sands when preferred.

Dibba is a place that is open to all the explorations that you can manage. You will never run out of places to visit here. Dibba Musandam Dhow Cruise is a truly amazing experience that will take you to places you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

Beach Camping or Sleeping on Deck

Another great feature on Musandam Dibba tour is overnight sleeping on the boat. You can choose a trip that will allow you to stay as many days and nights as you wish. Sleeping on deck with the Dhow Cruise’s luxuries or camping on some of the most wonderful beaches are both options available at all times.

Dibba and all the surrounding beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. You can have your camping arrangements provided by the tour providers that you choose or make your own. Bring yourself close to nature or enjoy the comfortable bedding of Dibba Dhow Cruise, as your personal preferences dictate.

Whale Watching If You Get Lucky

One of the most sought-after activities on the Musandam Dibba Tour is whale watching. Though it is down to your personal luck and timing whether or not you will see those gentle giants in action in these clear, calm waters, it is indeed a chance worth taking. These warm, calm waters attract whales from different parts of the world to come and move about freely.

Dhow cruise tours take you to popular whale-watching sites in Musandam, where you will witness these beautiful creatures indulging in their activities on their own or sometimes even in groups. If you are daring enough, you can also get strapped into diving gear and swim with these extra-large creatures of the sea.

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